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Peruvian cuisine is one of the most diverse as it incorporates culinary traditions from all across the globe. With influences from China, Japan, Spain, Africa, Italy and more, Peruvian cuisine evolved from the influence of immigrants, as they used ingredients native to Peru to modify dishes from the homeland. Staples of Peru include corn, potatoes and chili peppers, while the Spanish introduced rice, wheat and meats. Over the last few decades, Peruvian cuisine has experienced a surge in popularity, as its diverse dishes are ideal for creative chefs who focus on fresh local ingredients and honoring culinary traditions by incorporating them into their kitchens.

San Francisco is home to Limon Rotisserie which pays homage to Peruvian cuisine with their own eclectic flair. With three locations in the city, Executive Chef Martin Castillo and Chef Alex Reccio feature a brilliant Nuevo-Latino Fusion menu with a focus on fresh local seafood, high-grade beef and succulent pork. Diners flock to Limon for their pollo a la brasa (pictured above), which is their famous marinated free-range chicken that is slowly roasted over an open flame. Once you sink your teeth into the juicy and tender pollo a la brasa, you will never want to eat rotisserie chicken anywhere else. Moist and perfectly seasoned, the chicken has the firm consistency you can only get from meticulous slow roasting until just barely cooked. The open flame adds subtle hints of smokiness on the back of your tongue after every savory mouthful. Each bite will cause your salivary glands to work overtime and you will be lusting for more as your taste buds get hit with the sweetness of the meat and the crisp salty skin.

One of Peru’s signature dishes is lomo saltado and Limon proudly showcases this classic dish of stir-fried sirloin tips, onions, tomato, soy sauce and french fries. This masterpiece clearly reflects the influence of cuisine from Asia and is widely served in Peru. Imagine soft juicy chunks of beef smothered in a simple soy based sauce, sweet juicy tomatoes and soft starchy potatoes all piled together for an amazing combination of flavor. The tender sirloin is clearly the star of the dish while the tomatoes adds subtle acidity to balance out the rich meat and sauce. The french fries make for the perfect edible sponge as it soaks up the sirloin and tomato juices for the ultimate taste of umami. If you have never had Peruvian food, this is a great dish to start with, as it gives you a taste of all the cuisine’s influences and dazzles the taste buds.

Lomo Saltado

Peruvian lomo saltado

Limon’s ceviche is definitely something to write home about. Ceviche, which hails from coastal areas in Central and South America, is a zesty dish of fresh, raw fish that is marinated in citrus juices and spices. The freshness of Limon’s ceviche is made evident by the bright vibrant ruby red color of the fish and perky buoyancy of the meat.  The citrus gives the seafood another dimension of flavor and “cures” it to a melt-in-your-mouth level of tenderness. Limon uses their signature citrus based marinade, “Leche de Tigre” (milk of the tiger) in all of their ceviche dishes. Leche de Tigre is more than a marinade, it is a symphony of flavors that create a signature taste that you will only find at Limon. Tangy and refreshing, ceviche is available in a variety of seafood such as shrimp, red snapper and calamari.

Refreshing ceviche from Limon

Refreshing ceviche

Walking into Limon, you can’t help but smile, as the festive vibe is contagious. With exotic cocktails made from fresh fruits, you can kick off your evening in style. Try a Pisco Sour, the signature drink of Peru. Made with Pisco Ocuaje (Peruvian brandy), lime juice, simple syrup, dash of egg white and a drop of angostura bitters, it is sweet way to prepare your palate for a taste of Peru. Their Pa Bravo Yo, made with Pisco Porton, fresh oranges, diced strawberries, elderflower and soda water is ideal for warm summer nights. For those that wish to forgo alcohol, their Mango Lemonade is a must try. Luscious sweet mangos combined with zesty lemons, it is a house specialty.

If you are looking for a night out with friends or just want to explore new flavors, Limon Rotisserie is perfecto.

Limon Rotisserie on Urbanspoon

Limon Rotisserie on Urbanspoon


    @livelovemanja:disqus loves Limon Rotisserie! We have dined at the Valencia Street location a number of times. Truly enjoyed your article here and the descriptive writing and mouth watering visuals … “Their mango lemonade is a must try. Luscious sweet mangos combined with zesty lemons, it is a house speciality”. You, Savourlicious, have the city’s most savory finds! Manja!